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Why your team should be part of IWD Banbury

We’re business owners as well as IWD Banbury curators. We know that when an employee is out of the office the to-do list nearly always gets long not shorter. Event attendance costs businesses twice - in time and money. 

There are loads of great events and conferences out there vying for your company training or business development budgets. We’d like to tell you why we think we should be at the top of the list...

Event overview

International Women’s Day Banbury is a celebration of the fine ladies of Cherwell. A series of arts, community and business events will be held in March 2022 as part of the global IWD campaign to promote gender equality. IWD encourages us all to make a difference - to think globally and act locally. By bringing a globally recognised event to Banbury we hope to empower local women and those that support them. We’re a Oxfordshire-centric, not-for-profit event.

Opportunities for learning and growth

Ada: Talks & discussions

There will be a series of inspirational virtual talks and workshops on Tuesday 8th March. Each session will end with a call to action from each speaker for the audience to take back into their life and organisation.

Opportunities for networking and new contacts

Ada: Talks & discussions

Our speakers and workshop hosts are a really interesting bunch of decision-makers who will be happy to talk to the attendees before, during and after our virtual events. We hope to draw a similarly fantastic audience of like-minded business and community leaders.

Cleopatra: Female founders fair

The public can access a “Female founders fair” on Saturday 5th March at The Mill Arts Centre. It will be full of independently owned and operated organisations from in and around Oxfordshire. There will be a chance to meet the women involve and get to know their products and businesses.

Opportunities to make a difference

Greta: Virtual speed mentoring

We are asking local business and community members to connect with young people from three local education providers in short "speed-dating" style mentoring sessions on Tuesday 8th March. This is an easy way to give back to the local community, meet young people that could be the future of your workplace or future customers, and develop coaching and mentoring skills in your workforce.

Each virtual speed-mentoring session will consist of a 15-minute introduction, 60 minutes of speed mentoring and a 15-minute wrap-up.

Students will speak to mentors for 3 minutes before moving onto the next mentor. During these dynamic interactions, we hope to change perceptions of careers open to women and spark inspirational moments for both mentors and mentees.

Your staff can get involved as a mentor for as little as a 90 minute commitment, from the comfort of your office or home. Please fill in our short application form to apply.

Opportunities to reward and recognise

In Banbury, we are lucky enough to have low unemployment levels, but this can mean that as an employer you need to incentivise your team more often. We will be announcing a series of workshops that your staff could attend as part of a reward and recognition programme.

Date and location

All our events are centred around Tuesday 8th March 2022.

Our in-person events are held at The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury’s local independent arts and community venue. The Mill is located in the heart of Banbury town, and can be accessed easily by public transport.

You can join our virtual events from anywhere in the world!

Cost summary

In order to make our first event as accessible as possible, we have both free and paid for events.

Free events

  • Cleopatra: Female founders fair

  • Greta: Virtual speed mentoring

  • Rosa: Crafting

Paid events


You can purchase tickets via our website or directly from The Mill on 01295 279 002 or by emailing  boxoffice@themillartscentre.co.uk.

We’re a not-for-profit event. Whilst our curators and collaborators are supporting the event in kind wherever possible there are inevitable costs to cover, such as insurance and equipment hire. 

Quite simply, if tickets don’t sell we won’t be able to run future events.

By booking a ticket to even one of our events you will help Banbury continue to be part of the global International Women’s Day movement.