International Women’s Day Banbury

International Women’s Day Banbury was held from 2020 to 2022. It was a joy-filled celebration of Banbury’s finest women. Based at The Mill Arts Centre, IWD Banbury drew in like-minded folks from across the Cherwell community - charities and arts organisations, small businesses and corporates, education providers and students, freelancers and families - all united by the belief that women should be equal.

We’d like to thank all our fantastic feminist collaborators and event attendees that made it all worthwhile.

There are currently no plans for future events, but we still stand in solidarity with our sisters around the globe in the fight for gender equity. We also remain staunch supporters of Banburyshire, and are incredibly proud of the many, many new connections that were made through our events.

You can still contact us on for feminism, friendship and future projects.


International Women's Day Banbury is a not-for-profit project brought to life by Project Manager Ella Barrington and The Mill Arts Centre.

Brought together as 2018 recipients of Banbury Women in Business Awards, they began working together in summer 2019 to bring International Women's Day to Banbury.