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Meagan Mansfield

Meagan Mansfield is a Health & Wellbeing Coach and Yoga Instructor, founder of MA Wellness.

She works locally around Banbury supporting the community to take steps toward better health and wellbeing.

The beginning of her own health journey began once she left the UK for a five year adventure. In hindsight this admittedly was a way of running away from her problems, but she soon learned she couldn't run away from her own anxieties, insecurities and mind chatter - even on the most beautiful beaches of Bali.

Upon one unusually hot Christmas, Meagan experienced a very traditional treatment from a Balinese elder that gave her a wake up call to her own health and wellbeing.

On searching for guidance, she found Yoga.

After five years of self work, exploration, coaching and living yoga, Meagan created MA Wellness. A community space for beings alike to take their step toward better health.

She couldn’t have found her way through the brain fog without some help, which is why she puts herself out there as a humble guide who understands the helplessness of anxiety, stress and confusion.

As with the practice of Hatha, balance is key. There is no need for diets, strenuous exercise and being perfect. Meagan believes the way to wholeness is brave self-exploration and yoga is the manual.

Outside work, Meagan lives on her 62ft Narrowboat and cruises the canal network on her weekends.