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Ella Barrington

Ella Barrington (she/her) is an award-winning business, project and operations director, who carved her career in the ambitious world of motorsport.

Ella spends her time as a consultant and contractor specialising in project management making things happen on time and budget. She likes to make hard things look easy for her clients.

An advocate for diversity and inclusion in STEM, Ella is also an active volunteer and engaging speaker for hire.

She gained a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Leeds, and then returned to Oxfordshire to study for a Masters of Science in Racing Engine Design at Oxford Brookes University. Ella has since joined the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics at her local alma mater as an Associate Lecturer.

Since graduating, Ella has worked in the relentless world of professional motorsport and engineering in a variety of technical and commercial roles. She began consulting in 2016 to bring the fundamental things she learnt in motorsport to small businesses.

She wants to dispel the myth that technical things can only be understood by people who are good at maths. And that engineers don’t “do feelings”.