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Claire Waite Brown

Claire Waite Brown hosts the award-winning Creativity Found podcast and is founder of creativityfound.co.uk, a directory of creative experiences for adults, and a community of creative facilitators.

While running fun drama and singing classes for adults with her company Open Stage Arts, Claire noticed that the people who came to the classes were looking for a creativity that had been put on the backburner during their sensible, grown-up years. Finding this to be the case among other creatives too, she came up with the Creativity Found podcast, in which she chats with painters, photographers, writers, printmakers, actors, crafters, comedians, teachers, and more, that have found, or re-found, their creativity as adults. In 2021, before its first anniversary, the podcast won an International Women’s Podcast Award.

The logical next step for Creativity Found was to help listeners, and others, to tap into their own creativity with a platform to direct them to workshops, courses, products and kits with creativity at their heart. As well as featuring the facilitators and suppliers on the website, creativityfound.co.uk also supports its members with networking events, resources for growing their businesses, connections and collaborations, and advertising through the podcast.