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Barbara Asboth Photography

Barbara started her creative career as a web designer, but soon realised photography was her true calling. She specialises in portraits, weddings, business headshots and lifestyle imagery, as well as events and conferences. What ties it all together is her passion for capturing real people in her photos. Barbara has lived in five countries and moved many times before finding her long-term home in Banbury. Her life experiences of observing and connecting with new people and environments every time place her in the perfect position to approach all her subjects with respect, understanding and empathy. Barbara's work has been exhibited globally including in the UK Houses of Parliament and Galerie Joseph Le Marais in Paris. She has been featured in several photography magazines, and her book ‘Faces of Shoreditch’ has been published by Amberley Books. She is currently working on a long-term "Faces of Banbury" project, while juggling her photography business, motherhood, some design work on the side, her family life, friends and her sanity. As a woman working in fields historically dominated by men in the top jobs, and more recently as a mother too, Barbara feels strongly about dispelling many of the myths and societal expectations around working women, and working mums even more so. Her long term hope is that there will be no need for an International Women's Day eventually, within her lifetime.